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We have made it very easy for any food and beverage business to offer a 100% natural, freshly blended smoothie in less than 30 seconds.

Simply take

Simply take a pre-portioned, ready mixed smoothie sachet from the freezer

No added sugar

You will not find any added sugar, colorants or preservatives in our smoothies; therefore, you can offer your clients a 100% natural drink every day.

Enjoy smoothie

It takes only 30 seconds to enjoy 100% natural smoothie

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions about Juicing and Smoothies

Most fruits and vegetables can be blended in a liquidiser, however some of the harder fruits, such as apples, may need to be cut up into smaller pieces before they will blend easily. It is also recommended that any dried fruits are soaked in water for a few hours before blending.

If your smoothie is too thick you need to add more liquid, all smoothies have to have a liquid base so it is best to use the markings on the goblet for best results. If your smoothie is too thin then add some frozen ingredients or maybe half a banana.

A Smoothie Maker is a drinks maker, the tap is designed for serving drinks and the smoothie maker is designed to be a centre piece for a party or gathering. A Blender however a less fun product, meant for use to make things such as soups and for frothing milk. A Smoothie Maker is a drinks maker, designed to make smoothies and other drinks.

A Juicer is an appliance used simply for extracting the juice of a fruit, resulting in a much thinner and often clearer drink than a smoothie, as Smoothie Makers use the whole fruit to make the drinks.

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The advantages of squeezing carrots are for the most part connected with decreasing the degrees of terrible cholesterol in the body. Carrot juice is amazingly valuable for individuals experiencing heart sicknesses.

Squeezing benefits are various, and can be useful to pretty much everybody. Actually, most Americans have loathsome eating regimens that don’t meet the body’s nourishing necessities to work at their best. 

We make it easy

Our easy-to-make fruit and vegetable smoothies come in 150g sachets and are available in unlimited, delicious flavor combinations.