Restoration and Refinishing Services

For you Sport, Classic, or Competition Motorcycle



Sport Classic & Competition is a full service refinishing shop that specializes

in all brands of

American, European, & Japanese Motorcycles.


Our service is essential to the motorcycle industry because we save the dealers, and consumers unnecessary

spending on hard to find, new, or expensive parts when the current parts can be refinished or rebuilt.



                                                                   Plastic or rubber Parts Ė sticky, gooey, crusted, parts are now a thing of the past. Let us refinish

                                                          those parts to as new condition and we guaranty our work.


                                                                            Brake Calipers Ė Want to add a little style to you bike, Sport Classic & Competition can

                                                                                                             custom powder coat your brake calipers to any color you desire.

                                                                                                            Add a custom look to your bike.


                                            Wheels - Are your wheels road rashed, or is the paint flaking off, maybe a bit faded from years of

                                                              Use, need to be re-chromed or re-laced. Refinishing your stock wheels is something we

                                                              have lots of experience with, we can restore your wheels to a factory finish.


                                            Body parts Ė fenders, gas tanks, side covers, fairings etc.  We can restore these items to a factory deep

                                                                    finish in no time. Donít let sun faded parts bring down the value of your bike. If needed we

                                                                    can repaint these items to factory colors or match your existing color with excellent results,

                                                                    for a fraction of the costs of a new paint job.


                                            Lenses - Sun faded your brake light or turn signal lens, give us a call we can clear up that problem

                                                            In no time, donít let a faded lens contribute to a rear end collision.


                                            Engine parts - Rebuilding your engine, canít find the right part, or is you part just not up to par. Give

                                                                      Us a call we can refinish or rebuild that part in no time. Donít spend time searching

                                                                      For a part that we can restore to as new.


                                 Levers and switches Ė sticking buttons and switches, binding levers, no problem we can

                                                                       have those parts working good as new in no time.



DONE FROM START TO FINISH BY Sport Classic & Competition


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This is just a small list of parts we can refinish/rebuild, send us an email for a quote on the parts you need refinished.